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Microblading + Powder Brows Combination

Upgrade your Powder Brows with a beautiful touch of Microblading

  • 2 hours
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  • Lacey Boulevard Southeast

Service Description

Tired of apply brow makeup every morning? Get ready to start sleeping in & wakeup looking beautiful and ready to go! This technique combines Powder Brow Microshading with a touch of Microblading hair strokes beautifully blended into the front of the brow. We also offer Nano Brow stokes which is the expert, next generation of Microblading. We begin the appointment by measuring your unique face and bone structure, designing a pre-drawing for your approval and then we'll discuss color options. We have many natural warm and cool shades to flatter every skin tone and hair color. Blondes, reds, brunettes, salt & pepper, black based browns and custom colors. We have a color just for you! All permanent cosmetic procedures are a multi-session process. The touch up is done after healing for 6 weeks after the first procedure. We highly recommend annual touch ups to refresh color and keep brows looking fresh but not everyone needs annual touch ups. Please read the Pre/Post Care Page for important information BEFORE your appointment: *NOT ALL SKIN TYPES ARE CANDIDATES* for Microblading hairlike stokes. Microblading heals best on youthful, dry-normal, healthy skin types. Strokes may fade or disappear while healing on oily, thick, porous, sun damaged, thin/mature skin. Powder Brows are a more suitable option for most skin types. Your artist can help determine if you are a candidate at your appointment. **If you have previous permanent makeup, you MUST send us a photo (Facebook messenger is best) for us to approve. Not all previous permanent makeup can be covered/corrected or properly retain new pigment. ** TOUCH UPS It's takes a full 4-6 weeks for the color to resurface and final results to be seen. Color will be about 40-60% lighter than Day 1. At your touch up, we'll add the next layer of color, perfect the design and make any desired changes (thicker, darker, etc...) and add the finishing touches. Occasionally, this may be a 3 step process depending on skin type, color retention and how well the aftercare instructions are followed. Multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired outcome. For example, clients that desire a bolder makeup style (as opposed to soft and natural). Please do not expect finished results after the first session. Permanent makeup is completed in stages. We look forward to designing your new brows! - KM Permanent Cosmetics Click > Arrow On Photo Below To View More

Contact Details

  • 5707 Lacey Boulevard Southeast, Lacey, WA, USA

    (206) 705-3398

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