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      Lip Blush Pre Care & Healing Process

NOTE: Please read BEFORE your appointment. The consent form we provide at your appointment will ask you to confirm that you have received and read this information. 


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Before your appointment:

  • Lip Fillers/Flip should be done 4 weeks before or after Lip Blush. 

  • Please DO NOT consume alcohol or take any blood thinners (aspirin, opioid pain killers, fish oil capsules) 48 hours BEFORE your procedure, this may cause bleeding and may affect your results.

  • Discomfort: We use high quality anesthetic creams. Most clients feel little or no discomfort at all. Many take a nap during brow procedures. If you are usually very sensitive, you may experience sensitivity and more pain during your menstrual cycle. We suggest booking Lip Blush or Eyeliner appointments for other times of the month. If desired, you may take medication 30 minutes before you procedure (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil etc...). See Pre Care below for more suggestions.

  • Must not be pregnant or nursing. 

  • Diabetics are candidates for permanent makeup but should add 2 weeks to their healing time (6-8 weeks total) before getting a touch up.

  • Some Thyroid and other medications can cause poor color retention. You must stop taking Accutane for 1 year before receiving Permanent Makeup.

  • If you have previous permanent makeup by another artist (even if it's very old or faded), you MUST SEND US A PHOTO before booking so that we can confirm you are candidate

  •  IMPORTANT: If you have EVER had a cold sore (even if it was only once or many years ago) or know you carry the HSV-1 virus, you MUST be on an antiviral medication from your doctor for 1 week before & 1 week after your appointment to prevent triggering a severe outbreak that will affect your results. Please note that the cold sore (oral herpes) virus is very common (about 50% of Americans) but often lays dormant so many people that have it do not know they have it. If you're unsure, please be tested by your doctor before booking a lip procedure.

  • Chemotherapy/radiation cycling must be completed for at least 6 weeks with a copy of doctor approval/medical clearance. We cannot perform cosmetic tattoo procedures while receiving chemo or radiation. 

  • NOTE: For safety & sanitation and to avoid cross contamination, we ask that you do not touch your fresh tattoo at your appointment. At home, wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before performing aftercare to avoid infection. New tattoos are wounds and must be treated with care. 


  • Stay hydrated & healthy before your appointment. Healthy skin is the best canvas for all procedures. Dry, flaky lips can cause patchy results for Lip Blush procedures. 

  • A couple days before your appointment, gently exfoliate your lips after showering. You can use a lip scrub or make your own with a small amount of honey & brown sugar. Rub in small circles to exfoliate flakes and dead skin cells. After exfoliating, keep your lips very moisturized until your appointment (We love Aquaphor). It is difficult to get even color on chapped, flaky lips and can result in your appointment needing to be rescheduled. Patchy healed color due to chapped lips and may require an additional touch up.

After your appointment:

  • Lips will feel swollen and very dry similar to a matte lipstick for a couple days after your treatment. You can use an ice pack during the first 48 hours, if desired. 

  • Avoid salty/spicy foods or alcohol touching the lips for a few days

  • Apply ointment/Aquaphor on lips several times a day. This should be done for at least 14 days post treatment. Keep lips moisturized.

  • Avoid steam and hot water in the shower during the first week. If flakes become soggy, they may fall off too soon which can cause poor color retention. If this happens on accident and color heals patchy, don't worry. We can replace the color at your touch up.

  • Be careful while eating and brushing teeth during the first 10 days.


  • Do not expect your cosmetic tattoos to heal perfectly after the first session. This is a 2 (occasionally 3) step process. Permanent Makeup is completed in stages. Similar to creating a beautiful cake. The first session is just the first layer and not a finished look. Please be patient during your healing process. Your results will change and appear different from day to day but don't worry, this is completely normal.

  • Immediately after your procedure, color will appear bold similar to a lipstick. Color will be about 40-60% lighter when healed at 6 weeks.

  • After a few days, a scab begins to form. . Around the end of the first week you will experience flaking. Please DO NOT PICK your tattoo, let any dryness fall off naturally. If flakes get picked, exfoliated, soaked or rubbed off prematurely, color loss will result and cause patchy color/color loss. 

  • Your tattoo will take up to 6 weeks to fully heal. When the flaking comes off (usually around 7-10 days), it is normal for it to look like the color is gone or patchy. This can feel alarming but is completely NORMAL. Color will slowly "bloom" and resurface over the next 6 weeks.  Give your tattoo a few weeks and the color will become clearer.  Color will continue to change on a daily basis until all healing is complete.

  • Permanent Makeup stages are usually: Too dark, then peeling, too light, then ready for a touch up to add more color, replace any lost color and also add finishing touches to the design. The first appointment is mostly just getting that first layer of color down, similar to applying the first layer of nail polish. The touch up is where we add the next layer of color and complete the design and finishing touches. This is the fun part! We can also use a new or brighter color if you want a little more "pop"! Layering different Lip Blush colors looks beautiful!


  • DO NOT expose your tattoo to tanning or the sun during the healing process.  UV Rays can alter the pigment of your tattoo.  After the first 14 days, SPF is important to make your results last longer.​

  • DO NOT sweat during first 10 days (to prevent color loss). 

  • DO NOT run direct water on your tattoo during the first week.

  • DO NOT use Vaseline, coconut oil or A&D on your tattoo. Ask your artist before applying any products to your tattoo.

  • DO NOT use any makeup on the tattoo for 10 days 

  • DO NOT go into saunas, hot tubs, pools, and steam rooms for 2 weeks.

  • DO NOT get massages or facials or skin treatments during the healing process.

  • DO NOT use exfoliants, retinol acids, glycolic acid or AHA’s on the brow area.  It will fade your tattoo prematurely. 

Allow your brows a MINIMUM of 6 weeks to heal before your touch up. It's takes a full 6 weeks for color to resurface. A touch up cannot be done before 4 weeks due to the risk of scarring.

Book your Touch Up appointment 1-3 months after your first session. Touch Ups are not included in the first session price. Please keep the high demand in mind. Touch ups after 3 months require an additional charge.


  • All permanent cosmetic procedures are a multi-session process. Do not expect finished results after the first session.

  • Some client’s skin may have a harder time retaining pigment and may require additional sessions.  

  • Clients with naturally dark areas on lips may need additional sessions to neutralize/lighten those areas first. We can also correct lips that have hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation (very dark or light areas on the lips that are natural or may be due to smoking/trauma/etc...). Any questions? Feel free to send us a photo of your lips. 


THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF EXACT RESULTS as everyone’s result will vary due to skin type, lifestyle and the aftercare and long term care of your cosmetic tattoo. Taking care of your cosmetic tattoo will help retain color longer.

  • Use moisturizers and lip balm with SPF to protect lips. Sun exposure can cause fading and can alter the color of your tattoo. 

  • Products and treatments that encourage cell turnover can potentially fade color by causing the top layer of color to shed.

  • Laser treatments (IPL etc...) can alter your tattoo color.

  • We suggest Touch Ups when desired to refresh color and maintain fresh results.

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Lip Lightening & Hyperpigmentation Correction

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We are always happy to help if you have any questions! We look forward to designing your new Lip Blush!

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